Propellerads cpm rate in India 2021 – My personal experience


Looking for Propellerads Cpm Rate In India 2021, you have landed in right place. Yes, Google Adsense is ruling the advertisements industry since many years. The quality of ads which are provided by Google is not compatible by any other ad network. Many people are able to earn huge amount of money via Google Adsense. But the major problem comes with Google Adsense is the rules and regulation of Google. Apart from that, not all are able to earn huge amount from Adsense. This is where Adsense Alternatives comes into the picture.

There are numerous Adsense alternatives available in the market. Some of them are willing to give higher CPM for your traffic also. After searching about Google Adsense Alternatives, I come to a conclusion that I should also try some of them.

So I was searching about which network I should try first. After a good research, I came across very good reviews of Propeller Ads. I have read many reviews about Propellerads cpm rate in India 2021 which are claiming that they have earned $1000 from this ad network and all. After reading those reviews, I decided to use it on my blog also.

I have used Propeller Ads on my blog and the result is up to the mark in India.

Yes, I am completely dissatisfied with this ad network. Read on this post to understand why.

My Experience with Propellerads CPM rate in India

After reading very good reviews online, I have signed up for this ad network and placed the ads also. After placing the ads, I earned $0.5 with 2000 impressions in India. That means I was getting $0.1 CPM which is very low.

When I contacted the Propeller team about this, they told me to use pop under ads for better CPM. I did not opt for Pop Under ads because such ads open the new window and annoy a lot to readers.  With pop under ads of Propeller ad network, you may earn good but it will give a very bad user experience.

So let’s look at the type of Ads which Propeller ad provides:

01. Skyscraper

Skyscraper is tall and narrow banner ad which is usually placed at the right side of the content. Normal size for Skyscraper is 160*600 pixels.

02. Pop Under Ads

This is very annoying ads in some niche blogs whereas this is the best ads for some niche blogs also. It depends on the niche in which you are having blog. It gives good CPM in some niches.

03. Mobile Ads

There are two types of ads in mobile ads:

  1. Mobile Dialog ads: It is kind of alert which displays alert box to gain the user’s attentions.
  2. Mobile Interstital ads: This is top performing ads from Propeller ads. It covers the full screen on mobile.

04. Classic Ads

These are the best ads to reach massive audience. 300*250 and 728*90 performs well in this category.

05. Layer Ads

Layer Ads loads over the website content. There are sizes available to choose from but you should choose the bigger size to perform well.

06. Slider Ads

These types of ads are also banner ads which will continue to display unless and until user choose to close them.

07. Direct Ads

In Direct ads, Propeller ad will give you the link and you need to promote it via any given ways. You can choose to promote it via text links, banner ads button etc.

The above ad type performs well when you are having site in download, music, song or video sharing niche. The above ads will not work if you are in tech, blogging or tutorials niche. Users will get very bad experience with such ads on those niches.

Pros of Propeller Ad Network

  1. It is very easy to get started with Propeller ad network.
  2. They accept websites from all the niches.
  3. Reporting system of Propeller ad network is quite simple.
  4. It allows Wire Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney and Prepaid cards for payments. So you are having good choices.
  5. It generates maximum CPM in Entertainment niches.
  6. You can use other ad network with Propeller ads also.

If you see above advantages then it is there in many ad networks. So don’t go by just reading Advantages of Propeller ads. Read the Disadvantages which I have faced.

Cons of Propeller Ad Network

  1. Propeller ads give poor user experience. Your user will face pop under ads, full screen ads etc which are very annoying to them.
  2. Do not support PayPal.
  3. The well performing ads are mobile ads and pop under ads which is very bad for users. You can get good CPM in those ads but you will lose your readers.
  4. It only works well with high traffic websites.
  5. You need to have good traffic quality to earn handsome amount.
  6. If traffic quality is poor then you will get extremely low CPM.
  7. Propeller ads are good for some niches only. It is NOT FOR ALL NICHES.
  8. Payout threshold is extremely high.


I am sure that after reading the above detailed review, you should have good understanding about Propeller ads. My experience with Propellerads cpm rate in india is very low compared to Google Adsense.

If you have niches like Songs, Videos or file downloading then you can try this ad network. But if you are in Blogging, Tech, Tutorials niche where user experience is extremely important then Don’t Go For This Ad Network Ever.

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