Is It Worth To Buy Grammarly Premium in 2021? or use free version


So, are you thinking of buying the Grammarly? Then read ahead this is it worth to buy grammarly premium. Here, I will share an honest and detailed review of Grammarly covering all the functionalities and aspects of Grammarly.

Grammarly is the best spelling and Grammar checking tool. I have seen many websites over the internet which is funny at a time due to their syntactical and grammatical mistakes. The reader loses interest if they find too many mistakes in your article no matter how informative it is.

At a time you feel that sentence formatted by you is grammatically correct but actually, it is not. So, to identify such errors Grammarly is always at your help to make your writing better.

You are making an important presentation in your corporate life or in your college viva; somebody detects a silly spelling or grammatical mistake of yours. How embarrassing would it be? To avoid such kind of embarrassment, proofreading is a must after completing your write-up.

Hiring proofreaders to make your content error free is common nowadays. But what if you are done with your content at midnight, will you run to your proofreader? Not feasible, right? The human eye cannot detect all the errors for sure; there are chances of missing some serious grammatical mistakes.

To remove this time dependency and make proofreading an efficient and accurate process, there are many tools available online. Grammarly is THE BEST tool when it comes to grammar checking tools.

Your weak English communication can lead you to lose the great deals. I have witnessed such issue where my friend lost a good deal because of his poor communication. So, before facing such situation, use Grammarly and be confident about your writing skill.

I hope you get my point of the importance of good communication in education and professional world as well. So, in this article, Is grammarly subscription worth it? I will open every side of Grammarly in detail and also tell you how to use Grammarly to make your writing powerful.

Is It Worth To Buy Grammarly Premium? : How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly has both the free and premium services available for their users. If you don’t want to pay right now then you can go with the free service with limited features.
To use the free Grammarly you need to add the Grammarly extension. This browser extension will help you correct your mistakes in social media sites like Facebook and other sites while writing the status or Email.

So, let’s see the different ways to use Grammarly.

1. Browser Extension of Grammarly

This extension will make your writing better while browsing without any extra step to follow. It will automatically run in the background and highlight your mistakes. I have installed this extension on my browser and here is the screenshot of how it helps while writing an Email.

So, here you can see the browser will automatically identify the mistakes and will give you the total count of mistakes. You will get the suggestion while hovering over the highlighted words. If you want to go with the suggestions, then you can make changes by clicking on it.

2. Web Version of Grammarly

So, here are the few steps you need to follow to use the web interface of Grammarly.

  • First of all, you have to create a Grammarly account and select the free plan.
  • Now when you are logged into Grammarly, you will see the same interface as below screenshot.
  • You can directly upload your article file in .doc format or copy and paste the content by clicking on New.
  • Once you are done with uploading/pasting with content, Grammarly will scan your article and highlight the mistakes with suggestions.

Thus, by following above steps, you can make your content error free and attractive.

3. MS Word Add-In of Grammarly

Now, this is something amazing about Grammarly. You can use Grammarly functionalities directly in MS Word by using its Add-In.

While login for the first time, you will get a notification.

Here are the steps to be followed to use MS Words Add-In.

1. Download the setup and run the .exe file.
2. Now select both the options Microsoft and Outlook then click on Install button.
3. Once the installation is done, login to your Grammarly account to activate the Add-In.
4. Now you will see the Grammarly option in the menu bar as shown below.

5. Now activate it and make your content 100% accurate.

That’s all for the ways to use Grammarly. You can start using the tool however you find affordable and convenient for you.

Is It Worth To Buy Grammarly Premium? Features of Grammarly

1. Plagiarism Checker

If you have hired writers for your firm then it is difficult to check every single article manually. So, a tool such as Grammarly comes to your rescue. Whether the content you bought is error free or not? Whether it is copied or original? Everything can be checked with this tool.

You don’t need to use other plagiarism checking tool if you are using Grammarly. It will check your article with 8 billion pages in a database and if any part of your content is matched, then it will inform you about the copied content.

2. Vocabulary Enhancement

It is one of my favorite features in Grammarly. The words we have in our minds are limited. So, sometimes we keep on repeating some words tautologically. Which makes reading our content boring, but if you are using Grammarly then this problem is also solved.

Grammarly will suggest us other similar words to use instead of those repeated words. Isn’t that sound cool?

3. Contextual Spelling Errors

Yeah, MS word also corrects some spellings if they are written wrong. Though there is a huge improvement when this job is done by Grammarly. Grammarly will correct words respective to the context in which they are used.

4. Repetitive Word Detection

You can ignore this thing while writing lengthy article or notes, but readers won’t ignore it because that makes it boring for them to read the entire article and grab the information. Thank God! There is premium Grammarly to solve this issue by suggesting us alternatives of such repetition.

5. Advanced Grammar Rules

If English is not your native language then it is next to impossible to write 100% error free article. There are chances that you will make grammatical mistakes, but don’t worry about that because Grammarly checks your article with respect to 250 advanced spelling and grammatical rules.

Grammarly Review: Help and Support

Grammarly team is super supportive when you face any difficulty.

You can reach to them via an online forum, Email or even go through their interesting and detailed tutorials for the solution. Also, You will be quickly responded with an appropriate solution.

Now, you can even post your question in the forum and interact with other users as well.

In short, the support is quite good and fast from Grammarly team.

Grammarly Review: Free VS Premium

Obviously, if they are charging, they will provide more features in the premium version. Whenever you will sign up for Grammarly, you will be asked if you want to go with the free version or premium version.

If you write articles on your own, you can manage with the free version but if you are getting articles from hired authors, you need to check for errors and plagiarism. So, then you should go with the premium version.

Grammarly Review: Security with Grammarly

You upload your document and it is checked for the error detection, so I was worried if they store our data and later misuse it. But I have checked on various internet sources and found that it is safe to use Grammarly and uploading our documents. They don’t misuse their customer’s precious content.
So, yes Grammarly is totally safe.

Is it worth spending your hard-earned money?

After going through the list of features, it is obviously worth to spend your money for this precious asset. You will get lot more work directly or indirectly because of this tool. At least your deals won’t be canceled due to your poor communication. After reading my articles, other bloggers are also asking me to write for their blog. So, this tool will bring new business to you.

You will get your invested money or may be more than that only because of this tool.

Is It Worth To Buy Grammarly Premium: Pros and Cons of Grammarly


• Efficient and accurate plagiarism checker
• 250 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes are detected
• You can use it in various manners as explained above
• Accurate and better than other available tools made for the same purpose


No particular disadvantage related to functionalities but some other issues are faced by people.
• No accessibility without internet connection
• User Interface of the Web app space.
• Not mobile friendly yet.
• It doesn’t work with Google docs and Quora forum though they have collaboration with other websites.

Pricing – The crucial factor

Grammarly has three plans for a premium subscription. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. Here I have attached screenshot directly taken from the official website of Grammarly.

If you want to save your money, you can go with premium plans using my referral links which will save lots of money from your pocket. If you temporarily want the access then and only then go with monthly plans else Annual plan is best value plan and it will cost you less compared to monthly plan. You can avail the discount from a discount link on any plan you choose from the above three.

Discount on Grammarly – $9.91/Month Only

Yeah, you heard it right. Grammarly is giving Premium Account in $9.91 only to my blog readers. So, if you have made your mind to enhance your writing skill then don’t wait. It is the right moment to grab the discount because it can expire anytime.

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly has its affiliate program for blogs and blog owners. You get $25 activation bonus by just writing a review post of Grammarly. It’s not a fake thing. This is the real deal. So, if you are interested in this deal to let me give more details about this affiliate program.

You get $0.20 for each referral of free signup and $20 for each referral premium subscription. It’s really a great deal for affiliate marketers. The person to whom you will refer this program also gets 20% discount on purchase. So, both you and your readers are at the benefit.

You cannot get the activation bonus without writing the sponsored article and place the banners of Grammarly. So, the review article is a must for the activation bonus.

Grammarly Review – Final Verdict

The quality of content plays a vital role in ranking of your blog as well. So, if you are a blogger, then you can’t compromise with the quality of your articles. Grammarly can be the best companion in your blogging journey and you will keep on climbing the ladder of success. The Grammarly gets full points in every aspect from my side, So I highly recommend this tool.

Grammarly does all the things which it promises to do. When I checked my previous articles of time when I was not using Grammarly. I was in shock when I noticed all the silly mistakes made by me. I also came to know about some accidental plagiarism in my articles.

If you have used Grammarly free or premium version, share your views and experience via the comment section. I am damn sure that nobody would have face any difficulty with Grammarly but still if you have faced any problem then let us know via comment section. Looking at the all the benefits of Grammarly, I discussed above, I am answering the “Is It Worth To Buy Grammarly Premium?”. Yes, it is worth to buy Grammarly.

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