7 pro way on how to increase battery life of hp laptop Windows 10/11


Looking for How To Increase Battery Life Of Hp Laptop. You have landed in right place. A laptop can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and stores very personal/valuable information. Because of this, precautions need to be taken to ensure the stability of the system. While we already live in a fast-tracked world where we tend to miss small things in life, we still need to follow some tips to increase battery life in HP laptop from day one. These are the basic tips which we know, but we ignore them in everyday life.

01. Keep it cool

Laptops have fans to help keep them cool. The way that you use your laptop, however, will influence its temperature. Despite its name, you should never put the computer on your lap. This prevents air flow, which makes the machine hotter. Over time, the heat will damage important parts.

02. Keep it clean

Your laptop deserves some tender loving care. Depending on the model, you can open the machine to remove dust and lint from the fan. That will help it work more efficiently. You should also keep your keyboard clean. If you don’t, small bits of detritus can get stuck behind the keys, making it difficult to type.

03. Remove the battery

If you leave your laptop plugged in most of the time, then remove the battery. Your battery can only recharge about 500 times before it starts to die. Removing it prevents unnecessary charging. That means you can use your laptop’s battery for years instead of buying a new one before the computer’s performance starts to decline.

04. Fully charge the battery

When you do use a battery, make sure you charge it completely. A half-charge could take as much out of the battery as a full charge, so you might as well get all that you can. Once the battery has charged completely, unplug it. Leaving it plugged in can cause it to overcharge or get too hot.

05. Use a suitable carrier

A laptop’s portability puts it in danger of getting damaged. You can prevent damage by buying a suitable carrier that protects it from dings and scratches. You can find anything from fancy purses to messenger bags that have built-in laptop compartments. If you need something smaller, put your computer in a slip cover before leaving the house.

06. Pay attention!

The internal features of a laptop are some of the most sensitive technologies known to man and should be treated carefully. Don’t toss your laptop on a bed, couch, or chair, even if you’ve had a rough day and you just want to flop yourself down and get comfortable. Dropping your laptop onto a cushy surface could cause it to bounce and hit the floor. That can cause cracks or dislodge important components. Even a slight shock to the wrong place could render your lightweight Ultrabook useless.

07. Use an external hard drive

Laptops often age prematurely because people store too many files on them. While you might like having all of your photos, spreadsheets, and music in one place, each of those files takes a cumulative toll on your computer’s performance. Get an external hard drive so you can keep important files without burdening your laptop. Doing so will help your computer function more efficiently throughout its life.

A laptop is an expensive and important electronic that deserves to be treated as such. There are several ways to ensure that your laptop’s life is not cut short. If you follow these tips and use your common sense you ca extend your laptop’s life as we as battery life from the moment you buy it.

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