Top 10 best free check spelling and grammar on website 2021


Looking for the best Check Spelling And Grammar On Website 2021. You have landed in right place. Still don’t know the importance of grammar and how grammatical mistakes can drive away your readers? The key to a blog’s popularity and the resulting web traffic lies in its content. And what drives the content?  Well written, simple and entirely readable text.  A post that is full of spelling and grammar errors does not help the blogger’s case at all. If anything, bad grammar can convince readers that the blogger does not respect their time. Don’t let this happen to you. Try one of the following free Check Spelling And Grammar On Website and publish clean copy on your blogs.

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1. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a superior tool that offers not just grammar checking, but also analyzes your writing and provides constructive and useful feedback with regard to your spellings, grammar, sentence structuring and so on. All you do is paste your text on to Paper Rater and submit it for review. Not sure about your choice of words? Wondering if your vocabulary is not as effective as you thought it was? Never fear. Paper Rater highlights words that can be replaced and presents you a choice of alternatives! Best of all? Paper Rater compares your content with published content online and evaluates similarities, saving you from being penalized for plagiarism.

2. After The Deadline

You can add After the Deadline as an extension to your Chrome browser and as a FireFox add-on. After the Deadline works quietly in the background, checking everything you type on any site.  After the Deadline is also available to bloggers as a WordPress plugin, so that they can integrate its tools with their blog site. Bloggers can also use After the Deadline’s Intense Debate plugin to allow readers to review their comments before submitting them. That is a great double advantage to bloggers and a facility that readers will surely appreciate. This open source tool provides plugins for TinyMCE and jQuery forms as well.  If you use Writer, you can install After the Deadline as an extension.

3. Spellchecker.Net reviews your pasted content and quickly identifies spelling and grammar errors. It is one of the most popular online spell checker for website. If you want to put the most effective words out there, you’re all set with’s online thesaurus. With multiple language support (24 languages), this is an easy to use an all-in-one free online tool that’s a must for bloggers worldwide. It’s so easy to make mistakes with spelling, especially with the differences between British and US spellings. provides support for Australian English, Canadian English and US English, so you’re all set.

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4. LanguageTool

Use LanguageTool to identify common grammatical mistakes in your blog text. LanguageTool is open source, and supports multiple languages. If you’re fairly confident of your spellings and want help only with your grammatical structuring, Language Tool is a great bet. With LanguageTool, you can now detect errors that we all make; mixing up our prepositions such as ‘of, at, in and on’ and where to use ‘its and not it’s’’. LanguageTool also looks for word confusion between occurrences of ‘their and there’ and similar mistakes.

5. is a great automated website spell checker for bloggers on the fly. Sometimes we all make errors with similar sounding words, such as ‘its’ versus ‘it’s’, ‘with out’ versus ‘without’ and ‘their’ versus ‘there’. With, you can now locate and fix all those embarrassing issues before a self-righteous reader gets the chance to post a comment saying your grammar sucks! This tool also checks to see for words that should be capitalized such as names of places, days of the week and so on. If you suffer slips of the pen, then this is the tool for you. If English is your second language and you’re often dropping articles, then this is the tool for you.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly helps cut your proofreading time by checking all your grammar, punctuation and style errors, such as dangling modifier habits and comma splices. This tool is an asset even to English Majors, not just to the average blogger, with its inbuilt 150+ English grammar rules. This tool presents you with a list of grammar mistakes in your content along with suggested changes and examples of proper use. Grammarly also checks for plagiarism.


You can use in a way that is similar to MS Word. Badly spelled words are highlighted, with alternative spelling choices provided for your selection. You can choose to exclude a single instance or all instances of certain words from your spell check. You can also customize your spell check to ignore words in capitals, words using mixed cases and words containing numbers. This application allows you to change your case from upper to lower and proper case with a single click. You have to input the text you want checked into a popup, so be sure to turn popups on.


This tool find spelling mistakes on website grammar checking engine that sources information on correct usage from various websites around the world. It’s a completely free online tool with no obligations for usage. can be used for both personal and business use, with no obligation to purchase if your use is commercial. also helps bloggers with a comprehensive writing and grammar blog with writing tips and helpful articles on how to use the English language.


It is an online grammar health evaluator. All you do is copy paste your text and get your grammar aspects checked. This tool checks for grammar, spelling, and most common errors and so on. The tool is powered by technology that is proprietary to the makers of the After the Deadline spelling and grammar check tool.

10. AbiWord

AbiWord is open-source word processing software with support for multiple operating systems. If you are accustomed to Microsoft Word, you’ll find this tool very easy to use, both to compose your blog posts and to check their language and grammar quality. AbiWord allows you to export your documents to Rich Text, HTML and OpenDocument formats; this makes it extremely convenient for you to publish different kinds of content.

This is all about the Best Free Check Spelling And Grammar On Website 2021.

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