Top 5 best bike racing games for android high graphics in 2021


Driving a bike is always a fun, no matter whether you are driving it in a real world or in a virtual gaming world. In this era of technology, gaming world has revolutionized a lot. There was a time when it was considered that for playing good games you need a PC. Well, time has changed. Now you can play awesome thrill adventure games on your Android smartphones. Bike racing games provide entertainment and thrill at the same time. In this post, we are sharing top 5 best bike racing games for android high graphics. The ratings mentioned are out of 5.

01. Bike Race Free:

It is one of the most downloaded bike racing games for Android on the Google Play Store. With millions of downloads and five star ratings, it is the most popular bike racing game. The reason behind its popularity is that the game has simple controls and offers 152 racing tracks along with 16 awesome bikes. The game supports multiplayer options so that you can earn extra stars by beating your friends or other racers. These stars are used to unlock the next levels.

Game Size: 23MB

Game Ratings: 4.6

02. Death Moto:

As the name suggest, this is real badass game. The main aim of the game is to knock down the other racers and collect more helmets. To knock down the opponents you can pick up tools and can throw at them. Helmets are used to unlock new vehicles. Also, you will have to collect nitrogen too as it will help you to accelerate otherwise you will fall behind.

Game Size: 27MB

Game Ratings: 4.4

03. Racing Moto:

Now, this is a real game for all those who loves speed. It is a fast paced bike racing game where the main aim is to drive as fast as you can without any collision. It does seems simple but it is not. There are multiple locations to choose from such as city, sea, desert, bridges and forest.  It has got simple controls. You just have to tilt your phone to control the direction and tap the screen to accelerate.

Game Size:  8.8M

Game Ratings: 4.7

04. Moto Fever HD:

It is also like Racing Moto but what makes this game apart from others is that, it offers 3D effects. Also, it is an exciting and addictive game which offers amazing 3D effects and stunning graphics. It has also got the same simple controls like Racing Moto.

Game Size: 93M

Game Ratings: 4.3

05. Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Ride:

Drag Racing is a popular name in gaming world and now they have come up with the bike edition. The game gives the real joy of bike racing and offers 17 amazing fast sports bikes. There is an online mode where you can challenge players on the net. It can be connected with Facebook and Twitter for sharing score with friends.

Game Size: Varies with device

Game Ratings: 4.2

These were the top 5 bike racing games for android high graphics.

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