6 ways to make your content stand out and get noticed on Facebook 2021


Let’s face it, Facebook is a noisy place and there are a lot of things competing for your customer’s attention, including the latest America’s Got Talent video and pictures of their new baby nephew. So how do you, as a brand, rise above the noise? Here are 6 ways to make your content stand out and get noticed on Facebook 2021.

1. Amazing Visual Images

Images are the first thing that will catch someone’s attention, so include an image with your posts whenever possible. Even if you are sharing a quote or an update, you can add an image. And of course if you are linking to a blog post on your own site, make sure your image is optimized correctly.

Images pulled in from a link are then sized to 470 x 246 pixels so if your blog post image isn’t sized correctly, it will get cropped.

If you attach an image as a photo, you can size that image to 470 x 470 but if you have a horizontal or vertical image rather than a square image, there may be more white space around the photo.

Using text on the image to describe more about the blog post is also a good idea. If you use text on top of the image, have it be bold and readable. Note how the image in this post by Social Media Examiner doesn’t actually have anything to do with Pinterest, it’s just a visually interesting image and the text in the image does the talking.

Tools that can help you create shareable, eye-catching images:

  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • Snagit

2. Compelling Text

Is your text falling flat? Sometimes just stating the obvious by repeating the headline of the post is too boring. Add your own commentary on the link, or ask a question to invite conversation. When you get more comments on your post, you’ll be more likely to show up in the News Feed again.

3. Share An Album 

A photo album can stand out from other posts since there are more images to look at and you can tell a story. Albums are great for event photos or even act as minitutorials to explain how to do something.

4. Use Native Facebook Video

Facebook Videos are hot. You probably have seen a lot of them coming through your News Feed. But it’s important to upload your video directly to your Facebook Page (rather than linking to a YouTube video) Experiments have shown me that “native” Facebook videos get much better reach than links to YouTube videos and have a better chance of being seen by your audience.

5. Educate Your Audience On How to Keep Track of Your Posts

Facebook has ways for your Fans to get notified of your content and now Facebook recently rolled out a feature called See First and it’s a way for Fans to select that your newest posts show up in their News Feed early.

The other thing people can do is to click Get Notifications to get notified (notifications appear at the top of the Facebook window by the world symbol as opposed to in the News Feed) of when you have a new post. Let your audience know the options! When you consistently have good content to share, then your audience will want to keep track of your posts.

6. Promote Your Content

Every once in awhile it pays to Boost your best content. You don’t have to spend a lot on the Boost to get some good traction. You’ll get in front of people you may not have reached in awhile and reengage them with your Page.

When you click the Boost Post option under a post, make sure you select only People Who Like Your Page to get the best results. The true goal of boosting a post is to re-engage your Fans and this will yield the best cost per click. If you have a different goal such as reaching a new audience, I recommend using the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor to do your targeting and optimize a different type of ad. Having good content is not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. But by setting aside time in your week to work on your content, you will reach new customers, attract your perfect audience, and grow your business. And hopefully you can distract your audience from those crazy cat videos for a bit.

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